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We bring website development together with other tools, research, and a bit of magic to provide ultra creative digital marketing solutions

At Artist Dynamix, we specialize in developing customized and creative digital marketing strategies for creative entrepreneurs, non-profits, and authority websites.

Our approach combines innovative SEO techniques, compelling content creation, and targeted marketing strategies to enhance online visibility and engage diverse audiences.

We are committed to creating digital experiences that not only attract attention but also foster meaningful connections, making us a trusted partner for a wide range of digital marketing needs.

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Who We Work With

Creative entrepreneurs, non-profits, and authority websites

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Creative Entrepreneurs

Unleash Your Business Potential with Expert Digital Marketing

At Artist Dynamix, we specialize in amplifying the digital presence of creative entrepreneurs. All our work is inspired by this special group of people. Our expertise in the latest SEO and digital marketing techniques ensures your creative vision reaches a wider audience. We offer customized strategies to showcase your work, connect with your audience, and enhance your online visibility.

Volunteers sort through food and clothes at a distribution center for non-profit.


Amplify Your Cause with Strategic Digital Outreach

Non-profits thrive on visibility and engagement. Artist Dynamix partners with non-profits to develop impactful digital marketing strategies that resonate with supporters and stakeholders. Our team excels in creating compelling narratives and optimizing your online presence to make sure that your message is heard loud and clear – by the right people.

A family out shopping at a mall.

Authority Websites

Drive Targeted Traffic with Cutting-Edge Digital Strategies

Authority websites, including subject authority sites and destination/shopping district websites, require a sophisticated approach to digital marketing. Artist Dynamix is adept at harnessing the power of keyword engineering and market-splitting to drive targeted traffic to your site and establish it as a go-to destination for specific topics or shopping experiences. 

Not sure where to start?

Request an online presence audit...

Starting a digital marketing journey can often feel like playing in the Olympics on your first day of practice. How on earth do you figure out what the best next step is?

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That’s precisely why an Online Presence Audit is your indispensable first step.

It offers a clear, comprehensive overview of your current digital standing, highlighting areas of strength and those in need of enhancement.

By understanding your unique digital footprint, you can lay a solid foundation for a tailored digital marketing campaign that resonates with your audience and amplifies your online impact.

Let’s begin this journey with clarity and confidence, transforming uncertainty into a strategic roadmap for digital excellence.

What We Do

Website Development, SEO, Online Reputation Management, and more...

Artist Dynamix offers a full range of digital marketing services. We look at the results you are trying to achieve, the target audience you want to reach, and then we bring out our Swiss army knife of digital marketing tools. We pick the ones we know will work and deploy them like an army of digitally targeted hounds.

And we’re always trying new tools and strategies out. For instance, we recently launched new AI tools to help our clients achieve previously unthinkable SEO results at a fraction of the cost that full-service SEO packages cost.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Not sure about your next marketing move? We provide expert advice, strategies, and planning to help creative entrepreneurs and other small businesses achieve their online marketing goals. We examine your existing marketing efforts, identify strengths and weaknesses, and suggests improvements or new strategies to boost performance.

Online Presence Audit

How well are you doing online? An OPA is a comprehensive audit of your digital presence across various platforms and channels. It includes analysis of the company's website, SEO, content, social media engagement, online reputation, and overall online visibility. The goal is to identify gaps and opportunities, improve strategies, and effectively engage with your target audience.

Website Accessibility

20% of Internet users have a disability that prevents them from experiencing your website in the same way as other people. Our website accessibility services ensure your website is accessible to most users, regardless of their abilities. We'll make sure your site complies with all accessibility standards, including appropriate text contrast, keyboard navigation, alt text for images, and more. We believe in creating websites that everyone can use comfortably.

Supercharged SEO

Want to rise above the online noise and get noticed? We'll put you on the digital map with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, ensuring your website ranks higher on search engines and attracts the right crowd. Our cutting-edge AI-powered SEO platform, SEO Actionz, uses advanced algorithms to suggest improvements to your website and Google Business Listing.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) involves monitoring, improving, or restoring your business's or brand's good standing on the internet. It includes managing negative reviews, responding to reviews, promoting positive content, maintaining a positive online presence, and ensuring your brand is seen in all the right places.

Custom Website Development

Your website is many things. It's your digital storefront, it's your sales representative, and it's also the only member of your team that is happy to work 24/7 to bring you business. We offer custom website development to businesses in Amherst MA and beyond. We start off by making sure your website is unforgettable, and that it actually does some work for you, and then we monitor performance and add improvements over time.

Content Marketing Reloaded

We believe in the power of storytelling. Our creative team will produce compelling content that resonates with your audience, boosting your brand's online presence and making you a thought leader in your industry. We also have journalism and photography expertise and can produce press releases that read like they came from the New York Times ;-).

DIY Website Audit

Is your website doing jack for your business? It's the question every serious business owner wants answered. How does your website fare in terms of speed, keywords, and search engine optimization? Is it doing everything it can to bring you more clients? Our free, easy-to-use tool, The Jack Checker, tells you in minutes the main things that you need to do to supercharge your website. Click the link below to try it out...

Recent Projects

Scotti's Golf Website


Website design for drive-in restaurant which features a popular driving range. Including search engine optimization.

Boss Diplomat Website


Website redesign for branding agency. Search engine optimization, ecommerce setup for digital products.

Communty Foundation of Western Massachusetts


Carry out interviews with partner organizations and develop content for their storytelling blog.

For Our Clients

Tools and resources to help you on your digital marketing journey...

We’ve put together some great free resources, tools, and information to help you plan and manage your digital marketing strategy. You can find them on the easy-access client dashboard we have set up for you.

Other resources include FAQs, easy access to support, free guides, and online courses designed specifically to help creative entrepreneurs launch and execute winning digital marketing campaigns and build solid online businesses.

Client Dashboard

As we start to offer more and more resources and tools for our clients, we set up this dashboard to make it easy for you to access all the tools, free resources, and information we have for you. For example, we have some great guides on setting up your Google Business Profile and a quick course on using AI to supercharge your digital marketing.


Create a support ticket and get your problem resolved as quickly as possible.

You can also find helpful tips and answers to a lot of common questions about digital marketing in our

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Our Clients Say...

Michael Favala Goldman
"A Banner Year"

”I engaged Artist Dynamix to revamp my website and improve my social media contacts. Thanks, in many ways, to them, 2021 was a banner year… For example, a publisher contacted me after finding my website and offered me a contract for my second book of poetry. I owe that opportunity completely to the great work by Artist Dynamix….”

Michael Favala Goldman
Author, Poet, Translator
Nicole M. Young-Martin
"Perfect Match"

”Artist Dynamix was great to collaborate with on designing my new website. The initial questions were very thoughtful - getting to know me, my brand, and my work - to be able to design a site that perfectly matched who I am. They also gave insight that will be very helpful as I communicate with constituents on social media and in other publicity...”

Nicole M. Young-Martin
Founder, Black Writers Read
Steve Bernstein
"Incredibly Reliable"

I’m a newly published author & while I already had a toe in social media, Artist Dynamix quickly professionalized and polished my barebones operation… they tidied up all my platforms regarding searchability, optimizing images, editing videos, security, privacy, backing up, etc. They are extremely professional, very clear communicators and incredibly reliable. ”

Steve Bernstein

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