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7 memorable ads to inspire creative entrepreneurs to use more storytelling in their marketing

In our previous guide for our Ultimate SEO Makeover series (#180DaysOfSEO #UltimateSEOMakover), we talked about how storytelling is a form of content marketing that can help brands cut through the noise and build a deeper connection with their audience.  

To give you a better understanding of how storytelling works and to inspire you to come up with your own ideas, here are seven memorable storytelling campaigns: 

Lean Cuisine’s #WeighThis Heartfelt Connection

Lean Cuisine understands the emotional journey of weight loss, and its campaign speaks directly to those on that path. They offer a solution that doesn’t just address the numbers on the scale but also the feelings that come with it.


Leah’s Cuisine tapped into a more inspiring mission that its customers could relate to by portraying the real-life stories and achievements of women, stirring up various feelings that are challenging to achieve through other forms of media. Additionally, it aligns with Lean Cuisine’s mission of kickstarting a movement and motivating its community to get involved by sharing their own stories and experiences.

Apple’s Award-Winning “Think Different” Campaign

Part of Apple’s “Think Different” campaign, this video won the 1998 Emmy Award for Best Commercial. It’s a reminder that sometimes, being “different” is a noun, not a mistake.


Apple’s Think Different campaign centered on its ability to create an emotional connection with consumers. By featuring images of renowned innovators and thinkers, the campaign appealed to consumers’ aspirations and values. It positioned Apple as a company that shared their desire to change the world and make a difference.

Find Your Greatness with Nike

A cinematic, wide shot of a young boy running down an empty road—no music, just thought-provoking narration. Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign inspires with simplicity.


Nike shared inspiring stories of athletes around the world, encouraging viewers to find their own greatness and showing that emotional storytelling is a central element in Nike’s marketing approach. The company establishes a personal connection with its customers, motivating them to see Nike as a representation of determination and success. By addressing the emotional desires of its audience, Nike cultivates strong brand loyalty and a sense of connection.

Skittles’ Touch of Comedy and Tragedy

Skittles commercials are mini-skits that bring their slogan to life. In “Everything You Touch,” humor and sadness mingle as an office worker turns everything into Skittles.


The purpose of the advert is to show that Skittles is a fun and super-powered brand. Skittles wanted to tell a story through comedy by showing us the sad but awesome superpower to turn everything you touch into Skittles, it becomes a memorable advert and really begins to make you wish you could have such a power. 

Procter & Gamble’s “The Talk” Advertisement

When Procter & Gamble aired “The Talk,” they were addressing a topic that’s often avoided in the United States, and it stirred up strong feelings in both black and white communities.

This ad highlights the vital role of open conversations within families and the protective nature of mothers. It vividly portrays the tough challenges black families encounter in the US, triggering a range of emotions, from frustration to admiration.


When it comes to emotional marketing, sometimes being bold or daring earns the best result, as portrayed by The Talk advert by Procter & Gamble. This became a conversation starter and even created a new level of trust in consumers of the brand for having to discuss sensitive topics.

Dove’s “Real Beauty” Revelation Campaign

Dove’s campaign reveals the stark difference between self-perception and how others see us. A sketch artist’s drawings drive home the message that only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves beautiful.


Dove’s storytelling campaigns make people feel and think differently about beauty standards in society. Their ads make you ponder and talk about what beauty means. This works especially well for brand authenticity.

Sony Bravia’s “Colour Like No Other” Ad

Sony’s Bravia campaign doesn’t get bogged down in technical details. Instead, it focuses on the human benefits of their products. “Colour Like No Other” captures the essence of Bravia’s technology and consumer-centric approach.


This cool ad shows a lot of colorful bouncing balls rolling down a city street, and it really grabs your attention. It sticks in your mind because it’s not like the usual car or food ads you see all the time. The mix of bright bouncy balls and soothing music makes you feel happy.

This ad proves that ads that stay with you don’t always need to be complex or costly to make; sometimes, keeping things simple is the way to go.


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