We start off by listening,
learning, and seeking to understand the
dynamix that are driving online success.
And then we share them all relentlessly...

We exist to connect

For creative
entrepreneurs & small businesses

At Artist Dynamix, we understand that it takes more than ideas, great talent or legendary passion to achieve your vision as a creative entrepreneur or small business.
It takes lots of growth, learning, and collaboration. It takes starting, building and maintaining relationships with audiences or clients and other players in your sector. That’s where we come in. We use digital media to connect creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to clients, to ideas, to each other, and to possibilities.

Focus areas

We first want to make sure that the way you present your business is consistent and professional across all your digital properties. We also want to make sure that you're getting good reviews and that it's easy to find your business online.
Once the right people find you online, let's turn them into clients. Happy ones. Let's make sure that your online presence makes it easy for your target audience to buy from you and work with you.
Game Play
Then we work on helping you keep your clients up to date with what's happening in your business. We help you educate them about all the relevant services and products you offer. and make it really easy for them to see how else they can work with you and grow with you.
Building Ecosystems
We're continuously learning what's working to drive visibility & sales online and what's working for you. We use these insights to optimize your online presence and help you understand how to best use digital media to show up with a bang.

We volunteer 20% of our time to support creative enterprise

We set aside time to work on websites, digital marketing campaigns and media strategies for selected creatives and cultural institutions - for free.

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We volunteer about 20% of our working time to selected non-profit initiatives that support content creators, arts, and culture.​

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Even before we began this company, we pledged that 20% of our profits would go towards supporting selected arts & culture initiatives..​

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We're committed to being solid members of the creative economy through our research, services & all-round contribution.​

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Hi, my name is Fungai. For close to 20 years now, I have been developing websites and digital media solutions. I have done work with banks, transport companies, membership organizations, and other enterprises.

I have also done extensive work with artists and other creatives in various capacities.

Over and over, I have seen how creatives struggle with the business and visibility side of their hustle. Becoming proficient at your artistic skill alone is a lifetime commitment. When you throw in all the other things you need to learn to create an actual enterprise, it becomes really challenging.

As an entrepreneur, I have seen how startups and small businesses struggle with showing up strong online and harnessing the power of digital media.

I wondered if it would be possible to set up a company that could somehow help these two very different entities, and in some way bring them together.

I started Artist Dynamix to do just that; to help small businesses, entrepreneurial creatives, and institutions of arts & culture solve the challenges of visibility, branding, connection, and growth, and to find ways, while doing that, to create sparks of magic between business and the arts.

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