Author: Fungai Tichawangana

You paid thousands of dollars for your website and even did an office party to launch it. That was months ago. Every month you look at the reports for the number of visits to your website. It makes your stomach turn. How is it that this asset is not delivering the clients you were promised […]

You finally got your website done you love how it turned out. You have a new project launching and you want it updated to the site but your developer has disappeared.  You’ve emailed her. You’ve left voicemail messages on her phone. You’ve even stalked her on Facebook and Google to see if you can find […]

Someone once said that there are two types of computer users; those who have lost data and those who will one day lose data. If you use a computer or other digital device for capturing data of any sort long enough, chances are you will one day lose something; an unsaved document that disappears when […]