Author: Fungai Tichawangana

New service from Western MA marketing agency will develop your website in 5 days Is it possible to build a professional website in 5 days at a truly unbelievable price? This is the challenge that we set for ourselves as an agency in mid-2023.  Too many of the clients in one of our primary target […]

Many entrepreneurs don’t know this, but Google gives every business a free website called a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business). For many businesses, this may be automatically created by Google and auto-populated with information it finds online about your business. Artist Dynamix has looked at scores of businesses in Western

It’s a common scenario. A potential client calls looking for the services of a website development or digital marketing agency. Proximity is a big factor if the number of searches for ‘web development company near me’ is anything to go by, but there are so many other factors that need to be considered. Somewhere in […]

Where do you start on your journey into AI? As creatives, AI both threatens us and offers us boundless opportunities. While many creatives still regard artificial intelligence with contempt and distrust, some are leaping ahead and exploring this new technology to the maximum extent possible. An example is Domenic Ashburn, aka ‘Mr Grateful,’ a gra