What is lead generation?

Lead generation is like when you’re in a park playing with your toys, and you see a kid that you want to play with so you pick up your flashiest toys and move closer to them. The new friend sees you and comes over because they’re interested in what you’re playing with.

What is lead generation? | Two children playing in a playground are a good place to start...

You didn’t know this friend before, but because they liked your toy (which is like your product or service in business), they came to you. That’s kind of like a “lead” in business – it’s a person who’s interested in what you’re doing or what you’re selling.

Now, imagine you have lots of new friends coming over to play because they all love your toys. The process of making those friends come to you is what we call “lead generation.” It’s like inviting more friends to come to play in the park.

For creative entrepreneurs, like those who build cool crafty things, write books, make movies, or design games, lead generation is very important. It’s like showing off your new, creative toys to more friends.

The more friends you can get interested in your toys, the more chances you have to trade your toys for something else you want, like candy or more toys! In the real world, that’s like getting more people interested in your products so you can sell more and grow your business.

Once you have leads, i.e. people who have shown an interest in your product, you then need to move them onto the journey of becoming clients.

In digital marketing, having a well-designed website, an active social media presence, a mailing list, regular great reviews, and an accessible website are all great ways of generating leads.

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