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AdX Writer Pro is a website design package built for writers

At Artist Dynamix, we understand that a writer's website is more than just a digital space—it's the cornerstone of their professional presence and a portal to their literary world.

That's why we're excited to offer this exclusive web design package crafted specifically for writers like you.

Whether you pen fiction, memoir, poetry, or non-fiction, our tailored package will help you connect with readers and showcase your work with elegance and professionalism.


What is AdX Writer Pro?

AdX Writer Pro is a specialized web design package offered by Artist Dynamix and tailored specifically for writers. It includes a professionally designed, five-page website that caters to the unique needs of writers in marketing their work.

Here’s what you get by choosing AdX Writer Pro:


Enhanced Professional Image

Elevate your online presence with a sleek, professional website that reflects your unique voice and style.


Increased Engagement

With an intuitive layout and interactive features, your site will encourage visitors to explore your books, read your blog, and follow your literary journey.



Optimized for search engines and designed for sharing, your new website will help attract more readers and opportunities by making you more discoverable online.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple.

  • You schedule a call to discuss your site.
  • We discuss your project with you and explain what sort of content we need you to supply.
  • We build your site and plug in your supplied content. 
  • You review the site and once you’re happy, we make it live!

That’s it.


Experience unparalleled value with the AdX Writer Pro package.

This exclusive offer provides writers with a professionally designed, five-page website at a fraction of the usual cost.

You’ll get a captivating home page, an engaging about page, a dedicated section for your writing or books, a seamless contact page, a ready-to-use blog section AND free hosting for six months.

This comprehensive package is designed to elevate your online presence, allowing you to focus on your writing while we handle the complexities of digital marketing.

Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to enhance your brand with a top-tier website created specifically for writers.

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$ 1997
  • Five-page website
  • First six months of hosting FREE
  • No contracts - cancel anytime
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Why Artist Dynamix?

A write rsits at her typwewriter with a cup of coffee and mobile phone on the table.

We have a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by creative professionals, including writers. Through our Valley of Writers project, we have studied scores of websites for writers and we know what works.

We specialize in crafting digital marketing strategies and website designs that amplify the online presence of creatives, helping them connect with their audiences and grow their brands.

Here’s are three things you can look forward to when working with us:



AdX Writer Pro is specifically designed for writers, offering a comprehensive five-page website package that includes all the essential elements a writer needs to showcase their work professionally and effectively.



Beyond just building a website, Artist Dynamix offers ongoing support, SEO services, and online reputation management to ensure that your website continues to perform well and attract the right audience.


to Creatives

We dedicate a portion of our time and profits to supporting non-profit initiatives and cultural institutions, reflecting our genuine commitment to the creative community. 

Here's what you're getting...

Your words have power. Your website should too.

Featured Literary Projects

We have worked on dozens of author websites and some major literary projects,
including Valley of Writers and Literary Massachusetts.

WriteAngles Conference

A screenshot of the WriteAngles Website

As the leading writing conference in Western Massachusetts, WriteAngles is a key event for the literary community.

Artist Dynamix not only developed the conference’s website but also crafted a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to enhance its visibility and attendee engagement.

Our strategic approach has successfully increased participation and has solidified WriteAngles’ reputation as a must-attend event for writers and literary professionals in the region.

Valley of Writers

valley of writers frontend website

Known as one of the leading literary websites in Massachusetts, Valley of Writers is a vibrant platform that connects writers and literary enthusiasts across the region.

Artist Dynamix built and continues to manage this site, which serves as a central hub for literary events, resources, and networking opportunities within the literary community.

Our involvement with Valley of Writers exemplifies our capability to create engaging, dynamic websites that serve as essential resources for the literary sector.

Literary MA

A screenshot of the Literary MA website

Currently in development, Literary MA is set to be a comprehensive online destination highlighting the rich literary heritage and contemporary scene in Massachusetts.

This project underscores our ongoing commitment to promoting literary culture and provides an expansive platform for writers, publishers, and literary events in the region.

Michael Favala Goldman

A screenshot of Michael Favala Goldman's website

As a noted translator and poet, Michael Favala Goldman has received widespread recognition for his work.

Artist Dynamix has had the privilege of designing his website, which showcases his translations that have garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards.

Notable awards include the prestigious American-Scandinavian Foundation Translation Prize and recognition from the National Endowment for the Arts. His contributions to literature have also been highlighted by prominent publications such as the New York Times and Time Magazine, affirming his impact and prominence in the literary world. Our collaboration has helped enhance his online presence, allowing his translated works to reach a broader audience.

The Ipikai Poetry Journal

A screenshot of the Ipikai Poetry Journal website

Artist Dynamix designed and manages the website for The Ipikai Poetry Journal, a prominent online publication dedicated to showcasing innovative poetry from a diverse array of voices.

Our work with has involved creating a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that facilitates an engaging reader experience and enhances the journal’s reach in the literary community.

Questions Writers Ask

A screenshot of the Questions Writers Ask website is dedicated to providing answers to the most common questions writers have, offering a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to help writers unleash their creative potential and excel in their writing journey.

Our tailored design and strategic development have helped become a go-to resource for writers seeking inspiration and support in their literary endeavors​

Black Writers Read

A screenshot of the Black Writers Read website

We also developed, a platform that amplifies the voices and legacies of Black writers from all corners of the world.

This site hosts a podcast series and a variety of events, providing a space for Black writers to share their work, experiences, and insights.

Our design supports a user-friendly experience that encourages engagement and fosters a sense of community among Black writers and readers.

Emerging Writer Fellowship

A screenshot of the Emerging Writer Fellowship website

Developed in partnership with the Straw Dog Writers Guild, the Emerging Writer Fellowship website supports women of color and gender expansive writers of color in Western Massachusetts.

The program assists early-career writers in overcoming barriers to mentorship and publication.

Our work on involved creating a platform that would make it easy for applicants to find information about the fellowship and to apply for it. We also wanted to create an online space to document the work of the fellowship as a way to inspire.

What our author clients say about us...

Michael Favala Goldman
"A Banner Year"

”I engaged Artist Dynamix to revamp my website and improve my social media contacts. Thanks, in many ways, to them, 2021 was a banner year… For example, a publisher contacted me after finding my website and offered me a contract for my second book of poetry. I owe that opportunity completely to the great work by Artist Dynamix….”

Michael Favala Goldman
Author, Poet, Translator
Nicole M. Young-Martin
"Perfect Match"

”Artist Dynamix was great to collaborate with on designing my new website. The initial questions were very thoughtful - getting to know me, my brand, and my work - to be able to design a site that perfectly matched who I am. They also gave insight that will be very helpful as I communicate with constituents on social media and in other publicity...”

Nicole M. Young-Martin
Founder, Black Writers Read
Steve Bernstein
"Incredibly Reliable"

I’m a newly published author & while I already had a toe in social media, Artist Dynamix quickly professionalized and polished my barebones operation… they tidied up all my platforms regarding searchability, optimizing images, editing videos, security, privacy, backing up, etc. They are extremely professional, very clear communicators and incredibly reliable. ”

Steve Bernstein

Frequently Asked Questions

The AdX Writer Pro package includes a professionally designed five-page website: Home page, About page, My Writing (or Books) page, Contact page, and a ready-to-use Blog section. Each page is crafted to showcase your work and connect with your audience effectively.

You need to supply the text  for your Home, About, My Writing or Books, and Contact pages, as well as up to three initial blog posts you’d like to include. If you don’t have any blog posts ready, no need to worry, you’ll be able to add some later.

Once you provide all the necessary content, your website will typically be live within 4 to 6 weeks.

Absolutely! We build your website on a user-friendly platform that allows you to easily add or update content on your own. And we provide video manuals explaining how to update it all on your own.

We offer six months of free hosting. After this pediod, you can choose to continue with us or transfer your hosting elsewhere.

We offer technical support for 30 days after your website goes live. Extended support packages are also available if you require ongoing assistance.

Yes, you can move your website to another hosting provider at any time after the initial hosting period.

If you choose to transfer your site to another hosting service, we offer a hassle-free transfer service for a one-time fee. This ensures your website continues to run smoothly with minimal disruptions.

Your website will be built on WordPress, which is one of the most popular and flexible content management systems available.

No worries! Each site comes equipped with a library of tutorial videos in the back end to guide you through updates and changes. Additionally, if you prefer a more hands-on learning approach, you can schedule 1-on-1 training sessions with us at an additional fee.

Absolutely. All websites designed by Artist Dynamix are fully responsive, ensuring they look great and function well on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The website is yours! Once all payments have been made, you own the full rights to your website. 

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