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The Mill District Website
The Mill District, North Amherst
The Mill District is one of Amherst MA's most exciting recent developments. It is a hub for shopping, recreation, great food, and fun. Artist Dynamix was tasked with developing a website that positioned this new commercial district in a way that made it clear what they were all about, what sort of shops and activities they offered, and all the different things one could do there.

SCOPE: Develop responsive website to replace old site. Optimize for SEO.
Building Bridges Website
Building Bridges Veterans Initiative
The Building Bridges Veterans Initiative provides regular lunch meetups for hundreds of veterans around Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. The meetups have become spaces where veterans build connections, make new friendships, and find new leases of life. 

SCOPE: Redevelop website.
Boss Diplomat Website
Boss Diplomat
Boss Diplomat is a brand consultancy based in Western Massachusetts. Led by former diplomat, Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, this business specializes in turning solopreneurs into Brand Ambassadors for their industry. They offer services like image consulting, brand consultancy, brand management and brand packaging.

SCOPE: Redevelop Squarespace website and move it to WordPress. Set up ecommerce shop to sell digital products. Optimize website for search engines. Provide ongoing support and consultancy for website growth and online presence.
Scotti's Golf Website
Scotti's Golf
Scotti’s Golf, is a restaurant and driving range based in Leeds, MA - just outside of Northampton. They are known far and wide for their legendary lobster rolls, burgers, and steak rolls. They have one of the most supportive base of customers we have ever seen for any business - so it was double important we got their website right.

SCOPE: Develop website with easy to access menu, including downloadable version. Set up mailing list for customer updates program. Carry out search engine optimization for the website.
Raise Community Group Website
Raise Community Group
Raise Community Group is made up of professionals and student organizers ranging from engineers to doctors who work in different communities around the world in three key areas: Education, Healthcare, and Economic Development.

They work with other experts and regional partners to help them develop projects whose problems and solutions are area and population-specific.

SCOPE: Develop website for the organization. Set up mailing list.
Write Angles Website
Write Angles Conference
First held in 1987, WriteAngles is the biggest and longest running conference for writers in Western Massachusetts. It brings together speakers and thinkers who shed light on the current state of writing and share ideas to help writers get their work out into the world. The organizers are "committed to writing that illuminates our broken world, that strives to make change, that seeks to break our hearts and stitch them back together."

SCOPE: Redevelop website. Redevelop online journal and make it more accessible so that each contributor has their own page and with easy to use search function. Incorporate conference ticketing application to facilitate registration and delegate management.
Communty Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts awarded over $10 million in grants to hundreds of local nonprofits in 2022. The organization raises and deploys funds and resources to areas and projects where they can be used for the greater good of in the community. These include projects in healthcare, arts & culture, education, food security and many other areas. The foundation also gives away over 1,000 individual scholarship awards every year. This equates to approximately $1.4 million in scholarships.

SCOPE: Interview some of the partners who have received funding from the Community Foundation and write their stories for the foundation's storytelling blog.
Black Writers Read Website
Black Writers Read
Black Writers Read is an initiative by artist and activist, Nicole M. Young-Martin to give Black writers a platform to share their stories. She interviews writers from across the Unites States on her platform. The mission is: " is to celebrate and foster a deeper appreciation for the remarkable talent emerging from the pens of writers of the African Diaspora."

SCOPE: Develop website to act as an online headquarters for the Black Writers Read project.
A screenshot of the Friday Action website
FridayAction is a group of volunteers across the United States of America who are committed to playing a part in determining the country's political future. The group organizes small but impactful actions and has regular Zoom meetings to share news and progress. They wanted a website that would help them co-ordinate their activities around the country, sign up new volunteers, and document their work.

SCOPE: Build website. Provide hosting for website. Integrate Mailing List Signup. Train Friday Action team to manage website.
Portfolio - Literary Massachusetts
Literary Massachusetts
We love geeking out on the idea of ecosystems of art. So when we started working on this project meant to document, celebrate, promote and challenge writers and literary organizations in Massachusetts, we were super amped. It started as an idea and it quickly grew to become a monster of a project, bringing together web development, research, conversations with writers and literary practitioners, mailing list management, a shopping cart, and an audacious attempt at a one of a kind events calendar.

SCOPE: Carry out extensive research. Develop concept. Develop branding. Build website. Design content strategy. Manage website. Create marketing strategy. Create & manage mailing lists. Develop partnerships.
Portfolio - Valley of Writers
Valley of Writers
The initial idea with Valley of Writers was to create a website that reflected the rich cultural heritage of Western Massachusetts with a focus on the Pioneer Valley, hence the name of the project. As the project developed, a pivot was made to make this a site that focused on resources, tools, and opportunities for all writers of fiction, memoir and poetry. We are constantly pushing this site, testing things, and trying new ideas as we work to make it a really useful resource for writers.

SCOPE: Develop concept. Develop branding. Build website. Design content strategy. Manage website. Create marketing strategy. Create & manage mailing lists. Develop partnerships.
A screenshot of Batsirai Chigama's website
Batsirai Chigama
Batsirai Chigama is one of Zimbabwe's most well known poets. She is the winner of several awards and her work has taken her all over the world as a performer and workshop facilitator. She wanted a website that would highlight her work, help her sell her books, and showcase her audiovisual presentations.

SCOPE: Register domain. Help develop content. Build website. Provide hosting for website.
Portfolio - Zimbo Jam
Zimbo Jam
Long before we were known as Artist Dynamix, we started a project that went on to become Zimbabwe’s leading arts and culture website. Zimbo Jam has won multiple national awards for documenting the arts and has helped champion artists new and old in the country. Founded In 2008, Zimbo Jam helped usher in a new wave of on-time and as-it-happens online reporting in Zimbabwe.

SCOPE: Develop concept. Develop branding. Build website. Design content strategy. Manage website. Create marketing strategy. Create & manage mailing lists. Develop partnerships.
Portfolio - Michael Favala Goldman
Michael Favala Goldman
Michael is an award-winning poet and translator of Danish literature to English. Through him, projects like The Copenhagen Trilogy, which was on the New York Times list of Top Ten Books of 2021, have come to fruition. He wanted a website to capture the myriad of literary projects he is involved in, to share his event schedule, and to make the over 16 books he has to his name more accessible to readers.

SCOPE: Transfer content from old website. Register new domain. Develop branding. Build website. Move content to new domain. Manage website. Assist with managing mailing list and newsletter. Edit video content for YouTube.
A screenshot of the Emerging Writer Fellowship website
Emerging Writer Fellowship
The Emerging Writer Fellowship was established by the Straw Dog Writers Guild with the aim of providing support to women of color and gender-expansive writers of color in Western Massachusetts who are at the beginning stages of their writing career. The idea was simple: Create a website to promote the fellowship and document its activities and successes.

SCOPE: Develop concept. Develop branding. Build website. Manage website. Provide web hosting.
A screenshot of the Ipikai Poetry Journal website
Ipikai Poetry Journal
An initiative of the Zimbabwe Poets Society, the Ipikai Poetry Journal has a mission to make Zimbabwean poetry more visible and accessible locally and around the world and to make an impactful contribution to the global community of poets. Our job was help make that possible by providing a solid online presence.

SCOPE: Develop branding. Build website. Develop email submission process with autoresponders. Provide website hosting.
Portfolio - Valley of Writers
Steve Bernstein
Steve asked us to optimize his website for easy navigation and speed. We also carry out content updates on his site and help him plan his online promotion.

For the writers out there, Steve has an interesting story of how his self published work led him to a book deal. See his website for more.

SCOPE: Optimize website. Set up automated backups for website. Update content. Update navigation.
Portfolio - Iz Mazano
The Poetry of Iz Mazano
The founder of Artist Dynamix experiments with ways of best presenting his own art to the world. His poetic alter ego, Iz Mazano, needed an online presence to showcase his poetry, including audio-visual elements and this was the result.

This website is a constant experiment of various tools and strategies that we can use in our work with other poets and writers. We try audio, video, shopping carts, knowledge bases, blogging, and other things here to see how well they work.

SCOPE: Build site, manage blog, create and edit poetry videos. Manage YouTube channel. Set up social media channels.

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