The Ultimate SEO Makeover

Watch step-by-step as this digital marketing agency in Massachusetts addresses the elephant in the room and works on its own SEO.


#180DAYSOFSEO | DAY 001 | JULY 12, 2023

How it all began: Our Painful SEO Report Card

We’ve been aware of this for some time. Our SEO as a digital marketing agency is bad. We don’t rank for the right keywords. We don’t appear in all the searches we want to appear in. You have to navigate to page 10 of Google search engine results pages to find us for some very important keywords šŸ˜‚. It’s bad.

Just two weeks ago, I was talking to one of the team members about our SEO and she could not stop laughing about how bad our SEO is.

We ran the Jack Checker on our website and the results were pretty appalling. Anyway, here’s the bright side of it all; We now have a really good report on how not to do SEO which is a great starting point. Right?

So we’re going to fix it and we’re going to show you all the things we do as we work on it. every little step (well the overall steps so we don’t bog you down with updates), so you can see how we approach the SEO monster and make it tame enough to be a house pet.

That way, this process becomes a win-win for you and us – unless of course we prove that we have no idea how to run an SEO campaign…



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180 Days of SEO


Start Date: July 12, 2023
End Date: January 8, 2024

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SEO Implementation

What is the Ultimate SEO Makeover?

In June 2023, we the self-proclaimed SEO experts at Artist Dynamix came to the sudden realization that we needed to do something about our own SEO. How could we honestly offer SEO services when our own website was ranking so badly?

So in July, we started a challenge for ourselves. We called it The Ultimate SEO Makeover with the hashtags #180DaysOfSEO, #10000visits, and #UltimateSEOMakeover.

The idea is to grow our organic website traffic from the current 350 visits per month to 10,000 visits per month. Eek! The reason is to increase the number of organic leads we are getting as a business.

Why is SEO an important part of our digital marketing stratey?

  1. As a digital marketing agency, we obviously need to prove we know what we are doing, but

  2. As a business in general SEO is critical as it is a cost-effective way of generating leads. SEO costs much less than paid advertising. SEO is the gift that keeps on giving as it generates traffic long term, whereas with ads, when you stop the ads, the traffic dries up.

  3. Weā€™re a relatively new agency and SEO is a great way of competing with more established agencies. We may not have the budget to pay as much as they do for paid ads, but SEO helps even the playing field.

Why are we putting our strategy out into the open?

We shared the plan for this makeover with some colleagues and one of the concerns was that all of our secrets would be out in the open for our competitors to see. Our response was, ā€œLet them see.ā€ Weā€™d love for them to see. The ocean is BIG and there are so many opportunities. We are tapping into abundance here.

#180DAYSOFSEO | DAY 007 | JULY 18, 2023

Now to build some hard-hitting, rocket-firing content

Now that we have our keywords, we’re going to rewrite all the content on this site. In addition to our list of keywords, we will continually use tools like Answer The Public to stay abreast with the questions our target market is asking. We will also use the suggested content feature in SEO Actionz to see what content in our niche is currently doing well, both in text and video formats.

#180DAYSOFSEO | DAY 006 | JULY 17, 2023

We’ve identified our wining SEO keywords.
Here’s how we did it

Day 6 already. The first thing to do when you’re working on your SEO is to make sure you’re optimizing the right stuff. No point in optimizing content that your target market does not want to read.

So how do you find out what they DO want to read? You listen to them/

By using tools like Mangools KWFinder, The Jack Checker, and Ubersuggest, you can easily find out:

  • The exact keywords your target market is using when they are looking for your services online
  • The exact keywords that are driving traffic to your website.Ā 
  • Long tail versions of your keywords that are easier to rank for – so you don’t spend half your life trying to rank for the most competitive keywords.

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