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We'll help you get more reviews,
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Why do some businesses get so many great reviews?

Does your business have recent, consistent, & positive reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp or other major review services? If it doesn't you are missing out on potential customers. Read on to find out how to fix this...

When you do a Google search in a particular industry or sector, you will often find that a few businesses have scores of recent, positive, and consistent reviews when all their competitors seem to struggle to get a smattering of reviews.

Your 5-Star Guide to Getting More Reviews

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Why are reviews important for all businesses?

Over 90% of customers in a survey by Bright Local, said they look at local business reviews before they make a buying decision. Even if you are showing up in Google searches, if your reviews are not great, potential customers won't even click on to your website.

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How do you get more customers to leave reviews?

The answer is pretty simple; have an automated system in place that is solely targeted at getting reviews and staying on top of them as they come in. Our Review Management service does just this.

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How about negative reviews?

We work to bring in more good reviews and reduce bad ones. Our service gives unhappy customers an opportunity to contact you easily and express their grievance before they go and leave a negative review online. If you are able to address your customer concerns, this usually means they won't go on to leave a negative review.

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I already have hundreds of reviews. Do I need more?

Over 64% of customers say they will not buy a product if the only reviews available were older than a year (Power Reviews). Further to this, 77% of consumers feel more comfortable with reviews that are no more than three months. So the answer is yes, you need more reviews. You need a consistent flow of good reviews to keep your business relevant. With our Get More Reviews service, you will ensure a steady stream of reviews from your clients.

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I'm interested! Where do I start?

Use the button below to book your discovery call. During this call we will talk about your business and see how best this service can help you get more clients.

Some Interesting Stats About Reviews

Growing Number

Customers who look at local business reviews before they make a purchasing decision.

Service Sector

People who say that reviews are 'important' or 'very important' when deciding on a service business or tradesperson.


The number of consumers who say they prefer reviews that are no more than three months old.

Unhappy Clients

Consumers who are likely to leave a positive review if a negative experience is turned into a positive one.

The Bottom Line...

The bottom line is that any sort of marketing that does not pay attention
to reviews and online reputation is an exercise in money murdering.

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Our system works with all the major review services and scores of others. It's easy to get your business set up. Most businesses start seeing results in a few days.

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