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You could get $5,000 of website design services for free in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) is offering grants of up to US$5,000 to pay for digital media services for small businesses based in the state that are run by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.

You heard that right. If you’re a small business based in Massachusetts and have been in operation for more than a year you may be eligible to receive a website revamp, SEO services, and any other digital media services at no cost to you through the ‘Empower Digital Grant.’

$3,800,000 was made available last year for this grant aimed at providing funding for the needs of Massachusetts-based small businesses that make less than $2,5m per year, to develop their digital capabilities in partnership with a Small Business Technical Assistance (SBTA) provider for up to $5,000.”

Find out more about the Empower Digital Grant here.

Artist Dynamix has partnered with another Western Massachusetts business, Boss Diplomat, to provide services under this grant. If you’re interested, contact us and we will put you in touch with an SBTA sponsor who will assess your eligibility and help you with your application.

Please note that Artist Dynamix is not affiliated with the MGCC. We work with an accredited service provider for the Empower Digital Grant.

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