Sometimes it is difficult to understand the size of the digital marketing landscape, the scope of e-commerce around the world, and to fully grasp the opportunities it presents for creative entrepreneurs and their businesses. Here are some numbers to put things into perspective. The digital marketing opportunity There are 5 billion people who use the [&hellip

You put up a blog post or you edit some of the content on your website. You want to find out if Google has indexed the new changes, i.e. Is the new content appearing on Google? How do you do it? It’s pretty simple. Say I have made a change to the ‘Services‘ page on […]

This seems like such an obvious question, but since businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on websites and digital marketing, it’s an important one to have a very clear answer for. When you ask a web development agency to build a website for you, what are you asking them to do?  Register a domain […]

You paid thousands of dollars for your website and even did an office party to launch it. That was months ago. Every month you look at the reports for the number of visits to your website. It makes your stomach turn. How is it that this asset is not delivering the clients you were promised […]